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SMILE on Down Syndrome Buddy Walk 2007 by whitkissel
October 3, 2007, 2:28 am
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This past weekend we were sponsors of the SMILE on Down Syndrome Buddy Walk with contributing over $2600.00 for that cause while hosting our second annual golf scramble for the Alzheimer’s Association followed up with an all nighter Party Like a Pirate Luau with The Whaleshark from Lahina, Maui.

Lots of hours spent together for a cause and grateful as possible for the 16 members of the SIPHC joining us for both and helping us raise $1600.00 for Alzheimer’s. We will add this total to the Memory Walk later this month.

Seems like all of our events run right on top of each other but we survive them and take a deep breath to recover and start all over again.

Happy fall to all those gearing up for their trip to the Keys where I wish I was going to be.

Whitney A. Kissel
prez/phounder of PHLOC 186
Parrot Heads of the Lower Ohiovalley Club
Evansville, IN

And we got this reply from Bob Heffelfinger:

Woo Hoo!! A big CONGRATS to the entire Evansville crew, with help from the SIPHC, for a very busy, but productive & enjoyable weekend.

Y’all can take a week off now!

Bravo Zulu for a job well done!!!

Bob H.
(Director of Membership for PHiP, Inc.)

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